Episode 11 – The Enemy in Africa

Carthaginian Hoplites in EB II
Depiction of the Carthaginian Sacred Band.  Notice their elaborate equipment and arms modeled on those of the traditional Greek hoplite.  Image captured in Europa Barbarorum II, a historical modification for the game Medieval 2 Total War.
Artistic rendition of Carthaginian Sacred Band infantryman. Original photo by Wikipedia user Aldo Ferruggia.
Hoplite drawing
Artistic rendition of hoplite in full gear including the doru spear, hoplon shield, and linothorax armor.  Although the hoplite was becoming obsolete by the time of Agathocles, many Greeks in his army likely still fought in the traditional manner with updated equipment.

After driving the Greeks back to Syracuse in the Battle of the River Himera, Hamilcar Gisco and his Carthaginians settled in to besiege the city. However, Agathocles refused to remain cooped up within the walls. Conceiving of a bold gamble likely inspired by his hero Alexander, Agathocles determined to invade North Africa and take the war to Carthage herself. Secretly gathering his forces and building a fleet, Agathocles outwitted the Carthaginians and landed on the shores of Cape Bon, becoming the first European to ever invade North Africa.

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