Episode 4 – A Punic Sea

15th Century PtolemyWorldMap
15th century map based on Ptolemy’s description of the world in his Geography (circa 150 AD).
Phoenician Trade Networks
Map of Phoenician trade routes with Carthage in the center. Original image by Wikipedia user Yom.
Proposed route of Hanno the Navigator along the Atlantic coast of Africa.  Original image by Wikipedia user Bourrichon.

Following the growth of Carthage into a commercial, political, and technological power, the Carthaginians began to expand outwards from their city. Delving into North Africa and across the Mediterranean, Carthage formed an informal empire for itself using trade, diplomacy, and concentrated military force. Meanwhile, Carthaginian ships sailed further and further afield, exploring the coasts of Africa, Northern Europe, and…America? That can’t be right….

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