Episode 3 – Qart-Hadasht, The New City

Carthaginian Ship
A carved relief of a Punic trading ship.  Original photo by Wikipedia user NMB.
Incense burner depicting Ba’al-Hammon. Original Photo by AlexanderVanLoon.
Artistic rendition of sacrifice to Molech, similar to sacrifices given to Ba’al-Hammon in Carthage.

After Dido’s founding, Qart-Hadasht, or Carthage, grew exponentially, quickly establishing itself as a commercial powerhouse in the Western Mediterranean. Not only did it become a major industrial center like its Tyrian forebear, Carthage also led the way in pioneering agricultural techniques. However, a shadow fell over the city, for the Temple of Ba’al-Hammon, chief god of Carthage, was filled with blood and horror.

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